We are a leading supplier of tyres, wheel rims and wheels, both in wholesale and retail. In order to meet the diverse needs of our customers, our company specialises in both new and used products.


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1. Opony

Sales of tyres

We offer tyres of various years of manufacture and different levels of tread wear. Our wide range of products comprises tyres of different categories: new, almost new, used tyres with high tread depth and used tyres with reduced tread depth.

2. Felgi (bez Logo Motom5)

Sales of wheel rims

We concentrate on supplying high quality rims that meet the highest standards. Our rims are carefully selected to ensure durability and reliability. They pass strict quality testing to make sure that they are free of such structural defects as cracks or deformations.

3. Koła

Sales of wheels

We offer different types of wheels to meet various needs and preferences. In our selection process we prioritise quality of rims and tyres. Our wheels are thoroughly tested to ensure that they are free of any defects.

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